Flea Treatment (Topical)

My dog had been roaming the woods with us, and as an extra precaution we decided to buy the flea/bug treatment. Once the application was finished, my 95lb Pittie, (White with tan spots..he is literally this dog lol. Patch and all. 🐶) scratched himself for 10 minutes straight. Told him to stop and nothing more happened. Over 24 hours, his skin started to turn red. I thought maybe from the scratching. Then 24 hours after that, his back had huge open flesh wounds. Places that he could not reach with his paws. The picture posted is the scars he got from all the open sores/wounds.

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  1. Topical Hartz ultra guard pro triple active flea & tick shampoo. Started using this on my 9lb Chihuahua last weekend only because the other brand was not available in the store. Ever since I washed her with this shampoo she has been itching like crazy and also has open sores and blood red whelped up places even where she cannot reach with her mouth or paws. I have been keeping Neosporin and Itch -x on her until I can get her to the vet I have been keeping Neosporin and HX on her until I can get her to the vet. She has never had this type issue ever in the past. She has never had this type of issue ever in the past.

  2. I had 2 kittys die last uear from,Hartz Flea Drops (topical).one kitty,”Mr.BooBooLo” was blind and only 3 yrs old.i had him since he was 3 wks old,i had found him outside.my 2nd kitty,”Lil TreTre” was just 8 mths old.she was from a feral mama & had only 3 paws.both very precious💔⚘🐾🐱PLZ STOP HARTZ!!!

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