HARTS almost killed my puppy

We got this 5 week old pup yesterday who came from a very unfit environment. When we got him home we realized he was infested with fleas but very playful and loving. He was fine for the first few hours. After giving him a flea bath and lying him down to comb through him he became a completely different pup. Completely exhausted. When I could get him to wake up he just tried to wobble off on his own falling everywhere, even just trying to sit he would fallover. I couldnt get him to eat or drink. He seemed like he was dying! We rushed him to the vet in the middle of the night over the highway in a snow storm. When we got there the vets diagnosed him lethargic, inappetant, and showing abnormal neurological systems. He had to be hospitalized over night where they had to bath him to remove any remnant of the Harts shampoo, and insert an IV catheter to give him fluids. About 8 hours later they called to let us know he had stabilized and was coming back to life, but not without a cost. We were then served with the $1000 vet bill but a much healthier pup. HARTS almost killed this poor 5 week old puppy! This product should be taken off the shelves. It’s not just their shampoo, it’s also their flea collars and all of there other products that are known to have fatal reactions to animals.

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  1. I put flea prevention on my daughters cat. Within 20 minutes he was seizing. We took him to the vet hospital where there was nothing they could do. The cat passed away. Now we have to live with th hurt of my daughters cat being gone.

  2. I used on my yorkies I will never use it again ,, it’s not good for them ,, had to give them another bath to make sure to get the shit off of them it drove them crazy ,

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