Service dog

I was the owner of a 4yr old fully trained service dog named Casey. He was trained for onset diabetes and could detect 8 different fatal viruses. Among the other approximately 180 different commands. He was worth about $15,000! But to me he was pa priceless lifesaver and best pal! I bathed him once a month in Hartz flea and tick shampoo. He was diagnosed with cancer and I had to put him to sleep to end his struggling and suffering. Hartz IS the only product I used. Please use caution along with common sense if you decide to continue using this product!

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  1. If they continue to use this product they wont HAVE a pet to use it on anymore. It’s fatal to cats and is KNOWN to cause kidney failure, liver failure, seizures, chemical burns, paralysis, heart murmur/enlarged heart/erratic heart beat/heart arrhythmia, and sudden death. Walmart should be sued for even carrying this LITERAL POISON! I know its walart and they’re the butt of the joke for carrying cheap crap but this is LITERALLY deadly!

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