Golden Retriever Puppy

I used this shampoo on my Golden when she was a puppy. About a year ago, when she was five months old, she had uncontrollable seizures and almost died from them. She stayed at the vet long enough to get a negative test back for distemper and luckily I was able to bring her back home. A year later she had not had any more epileptic events even off the medications. The vet says in his professional opinion he thinks that it was a toxin that caused the event due to the type of seizures they were and the fact that we have had no problems since. We have genetically tested her and her along with parents and grandparents have all come up negative for epilepsy as she comes from a long line of reputable breeders. Did not occur to me that this shampoo could have caused it until now. She used to bathe with this shampoo all the time because she was always getting in to the mud or making a mess in the kennel cause she was still potty training. I looked around the house feverishly for months after the event baffled at what could have possibly caused her to have such horrible seizures, it’s nice to finally have answers to what the toxin was.

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  1. I had a pit bull name soldier. I bathe him wit this shampoo, the next day his hair started falling out by the patches. A couple days after that he couldn’t stand up he would crawl until he rubbed all the hair off of his stomach the he wouldn’t eat or drink water eventually all his hair was gone and he passed in my arms

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