VERY scary night after using this

I used this shampoo a couple months back in my 1 year old MaltiPoo. Hours later he was extremely lethargic, wouldn’t eat/drink anything at all, he was shaking very badly, panting like crazy, and he kept running away from us whenever we tried comforting him or giving him attention. This is very odd behavior for him since he ALWAYS has to be by someone’s side, and was turning down his favorite foods. He wouldn’t look us in the eye, and kept finding hiding spots as if he was looking for a place to pass away at, but this fur mom wasn’t having it. I believe the only reason my dog is here is because we force fed him plenty of water through a syringe & repeatedly rinsed off any of this soap residue left on him. I didn’t even want to return it to the store, to possibly stop someone else from buying this product. scariest night of my life.

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