My 4 y.o. French Bulldog

My Frenchie Lil Bitty always had an itching problem due to sensitive skin, but my family ended up getting kittens that came full of fleas and I needed to get rid of them ASAP. My husband and I tried dawn, 2-3 a week and it wasn’t quite working. So we ended up taking a trip to Walmart and found this product and used it on her this summer. At first there was no sign of distress from it, But about a week later she was barely eating, drinking water, stayed to herself, & constantly sleeping. A few weeks pass and her appetite got worse, her energy decreased, she started hiding under my bed, in the closet avoiding any contact with us. After that, she ended up puking, having the shakes, having a hard time using her muscles to get up. The last week she was here I had to pick her up to go outside, I had to hand feed her, and also put pedialyte in a syringe cause she wasn’t able to move any parts of her body: she was stiff and even picking her up she screamed. Please don’t buy/consider using this product cause you will lose your best friend.

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