English bulldog sick

Our 3 year old English bulldog gunner had been nothing but excellent health. We had him out in the woods so decided it would be a good idea to bathe him with this being that he was at risk for tick and fleas will exposed in the woods.. we bathed him at night and the next day about 8 hours later found him weak, no color in his face, puke on the ground, pooped and pee’d himself and was having trouble breathing, which is not like him at all. We took him to the ER and they initially thought he had some type on respiratory infection. Come to find it wasn’t a respiratory infection at all. His red blood cell count was at 14.. once they get to 10 they can’t sustain life. Our English bulldog all but died on us. He had to get a blood transfusion and stay multiple nights in the ER and they doctors prepped us that he had a high chance of not making it. This happened because his body was exposed to something that was making his red blood cells attack each other.. 4 thousand dollars of vet bills later we are happy to have our baby still but DO NOT use this product..

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