Class Action Lawsuit

Everyone needs to contact – they have a class action lawsuit. Post your stories here and then immediately go there and call them. This needs to be stopped . This is horrible.

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  1. My cat precious was bathed in this and at first she was fine but then after the first 2 days I noticed she hadent eaten anything(not sure if she drank any water. If so I didnt see it.) She had seizues the next day she died the morning after that.

  2. I bought a Hartz flea collar for my cat who is 3 years old. My husband discovered last night that he is missing hair all around his neck and has sores from where the collar was. It has been removed. This needs to be stopped and they need to be held accountable.

  3. My 4 month puppy got staff affection right after using the Hartz tick and flea oatmeal to help her get rid of fleas when she was a puppy. First we noticed spots and bald spots but we just thought that she’s just a puppy and it happens, until one day they got worse so we had to take her to the vet to figure out why and that’s when the veterinarian told us that she has staff infection. So she’s as to have medicated shampoo for her staff and it keeps coming back

  4. My two and half year old German Shepard has suffered two very frightening seizure episodes after being bathed in the Oatmeal Vanilla Scented and Orange Scented Flea and Tick shampoo. After the 1st bath, he suffered 5-6 seizures that terrified my children. He was disoriented for weeks after the seizures. The second set of seizures occurred after using the orange scented shampoo. I did not make the connection until taking him to the vet and reporting the brand of shampoo we used. She immediately told me to throw it away and let me know of the reported dangers. I am disappointed and upset the company continues to sell products that harm/kills cats and dogs.

  5. I just submitted my story. I did include an email.
    My 6 year old German Shepherd 2 years ago started to get really sick. Long story short, she developed 2 fatty cysts on her back and she started to loose her hair. We have taken her to the vet where they have run numerous tests, to which all came back negative. The vet said they had never seen this before. Today 2 years later, she is still suffering and I just found a 1/2 used bottle of the Hartz UltraGuard Shampoo. The other day I saw a story on facebook. So this must be the reason she has been so sick. She also seems like she is having trouble seeing. We would love to be included in any class action suits. We have spent good money trying to figure out what is wrong with our baby.

  6. why is this still on the shelf? We used it on our puppy and noticed him scratching and not happy. Thank goodness it wasn’t worse. We did get the bottle for our previous dog who died suddenly a day after his bath? He had sudden breathing difficulties and passed. PLEASE REMOVE THIS FROM THE SHELF.

  7. Our dog has lost so much hair because of this product. I hope this stuff gets taken off the shelves. I am so sad for those who lost their animals.

  8. My dog pass away on year 2017 I had use this product before she had a bad rash on her back after used I didn’t not know it was a law suit for this product.

  9. 6/1/2020 I applied the topical ointment to my baby Karma and when I finished she went berserk. She started scratching all over her head, ran from one corner to another, crashed into the trash can, walls, and tables. I was trying to grab her when then I noticed she was foaming from the mouth and had some blood. I immediately took her to the bath and washed off the topical ointment and seen her skin was bright red like it burned her. She’s in observation now.
    We need to do something about this brand and get it off the shelfs of every store.

  10. Used this 2yrs ago, shortly after noticed our cocker spaniel develope a fatty lump on his chest, and little cysts on his back, never thought it was due to the shampoo we used.

  11. Sadie our beautiful 14 year old Cocker Spaniel died in 2017 after having a bath with Harry flea & tick shampoo. We had been battling fleas and followed instructions for bathing and frequency. After her 2nd bath she had a seizure, unable to eat or drink and became lethargic. One hour before I was to take her to the vet she died. It was devastating.

  12. I used this on 3 6 month kittens and the momma 2016. In 6 hours 1st kitten died then next morning fiund ither 3 dead. Ive never used this product again. I knew that was the cause and ppk thought i was crazy!!!

  13. I used Hartz Ultraguard on my cat Gracie and she had a seizure. I took her to the vet and they suggested it might be the flea medication. I then looked online and was appalled at all the testimony against Hartz. I bought the product because I thought they were a reputable company. Clearly a lawsuit and the resulting publicity is needed to keep them from poisoning more pets.

  14. I Used The Flea Tax In My Cat Pretty Purr Paws, One Half A Treatment!
    She Stopped Eating, That Night,
    Became Lethargic, And Died The
    Next Afternoon!
    This Was The Only Thing I Did Different . I’m Livid! I Usually Used Sargent, PurrWas Seven Years Old And Doing Fine!

  15. We bathed our Apple Head Chihuahua with the Hartz Orange Flea and Tick Shampoo. Immediately after she was gagging, shaking uncontrollably, flopping like a fish and vomiting foam repeatedly. We were terrified and took her to the vet. They gave her a shot of Benedryl and said it was the shampoo. She was highly allergic to it, so it poisoned her. We bathed her with Dawn soap to wash off any residue left behind and prayed that she would make it through. Doctor couldn’t guarantee she would live through the night. She was really scared and sick for the first 24 hours, 2nd day her vomiting decreased and seizures calmed down. By the third day she was a little better and by the Grace of God she pulled through. She still shakes every so often and can no longer be treated with any kind of Flea or Tick Medicine whatsoever.

  16. my ypung dog gracie died due to kidneyfailure.The viet mentioned
    some type of posioning.I couldn’t think of anything.I then realized
    she ate these Hartz Chew n clean tuff bones.I didn’t think nothing of it.She litterly ate the bone,i bought her another one.She was 4 years old.I was @ my local walmart the other day and This product is still on the shelves.WHY?

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