Flea drops killed my cat

I used a flea drops on my 10 year old PERFECTLY HEALTHY Sealpoint Siamese. Within 48 hours his kidneys were shutting down to where he was peeing on himself and I had to humanely euthanize him at the vet who seen him 24 hours prior due to him acting “strange”. The vet told me to IMMEDIATELY WASH the drops off all my pets I used them on!!! I did as he said… unfortunately still lost my Siamese😭
I seen my claim to HARTZ.. THEY DECLINED ANY RESPONSIBILITY!!! The vet told me when my cat got sick he also seen 3-4 other pets from the same thing. Hartz wrote me a letter denying my claim and said it was due to dog drops. They never even checked into possible mispackaging from the factory 😡🤬😡

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