Sasha & Fishy

I had 2 beautiful cats one 8 named Fishy and one 3 Sasha I used the flea treatment that u normally drop on the back of there neck and within a week my 8 year old fishy lost all feeling in his back legs stopped eating and drinking could no longer make it to the bathroom and died at home, then about 4 days later my 3 year old Sasha had the same symptoms lost all feeling in her back legs couldn’t make it to the bathroom so I brought her to the vet and the vet told me a normal healthy cat had the body temperature of 60-65 hers was 12 and the only way of saving her but not giving her back her full life span would have been a $3000 blood transfusion I unfortunately choose to put her down as she was suffering but she didn’t even make it through the process and passed on the table I told the vet what I had used on them both which was the Hartz flea medication and he said he had never heard of it I was so upset i thought somehow it was my fault and I had done something I will forever love and miss my fur babies.

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