My shih tzu

I’ve used this on my dog it was something I just grabbed in the store just to have shampoo at home for my pups if needed. We ended up missing a grooming appointment due to me working, some I washed them myself 😫 worst thing I could have ever done both my babies were in the vet for 3 and 4 days (sick as a dog) didn’t think they would pull though but thank God they did but we had to shave them bold and treat a really bad skin rash on 80% of they body they hair still won’t grow in fully 😔😔 I feel so bad I won’t be anything else without researching it.

One thought on “My shih tzu”

  1. I put this on 4 of my cats I also have 4 others I didn’t put it on yet they acted fine of course and the 4 I gave it to were all laying around not playing acting odd not purring anymore just want to sleep and not interested even in soft food or fish…tried everything no response to catnip either. Kept shaking and walking odd and acting afraid to even he touched I washed it all off and they are still just sleeping

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