My puppy had seizures for months

I used it on my puppy and he started having seizures that same night I and the vet said it could be something I used only thing I did that day was bathe him with this so I immediately stop using it and he continued every night for about 9 months. Now during the night he just gets Very aggressive

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  1. My Puppy Shih Tzu died as a result of using this product as well. I have 4 boys and we were planning to that family photos and our princess was gonna be in the photos as she always is. Well the boys gave her a bath and put her in her cage to dry, I went to work at midnight and everyone went to sleep. The next morning there was a strange smell in the house. Well our Princess had passed away. My children were devastated, one of my son picked her up and her hair was out in patches, her skin was red and irritated.This had to be the worst day ever. We put her on the dress she was gonna wear for pictures and buried her in our back yard.

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