All products are potentially harmful

Why do you single out Hartz? You do understand that flea and tick meds use a very powerful and potent pesticide right? And it goes INTO your pet’s bloodstream. Wow. I don’t use Hartz. I don’t use frontline. Or trifexis or whatever other nasty shit our corporate lords command us to use. Jesus Christ. Aren’t we overdue for a mass extinction?? When will evolution finally kickstart to weed out the stupid so we can advance as a civilization? Fuck this website and you stupid people

5 thoughts on “All products are potentially harmful”

  1. whats your damn problem? no one is talking about mass extinction. calm yourself holy shit. we actually care about our animals

  2. Do you hate this website because you feel like people shouldn’t have the rite to know about the terrible problem being caused by these products or is it because you’re ignored at home.

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