Killed my Chihuahua, Striper…

As others, bathed my little male chihuahua, Striper, with the flea shampoo and within an hr he was foaming at the mouth and having seizures. I called poison control and was told to bathe him with Dawn detergent, which we did but it didn’t help. Within 2 hrs of the initial bath, he died in my arms. So angry that this is still on the market!

Killed my English pointer

I decided to bath my English pointer named Bailey and the only dog wash we had was the hartz oatmeal because it was supposed to be good for her sensitive skin. The next day she was very sick and could barely stand. We had to force feed her to get her to eat anything and the next morning we woke up to her dead. She was only two years old and a very beloved dog of mine.

My momma kitty and her 4 babies

We had someone drop off a momma kitty very sweet…she gave birth to 4 beautiful babies shortly after after we took her in…time went by and 2 of our friends took one kitten each so we kept the 2…fleas had gotten really bad in our area…anyways we decided to bathe them…mind you by the time we decided this they were all grown cats. Within 24 hours they all passed within hours of each other we questioned maybe food but they were each on different foods…well anyways come to conclusion the only thing that was the same with all 5 cats was the flea shampoo. I had to explain to my step son about death that night and what happened to his kitty. One of the kittens we named duece was my step son and he was very close with him…one of the most heartbreaking things we had to deal with was my step son crying at night for a week “bye duecey i love you you can back just try i will wait for you” along with that the many times he refilled his cat bowl. Saying he might have been hungry.


When I was in 5 th grade my mom had bought Hartz flea treat for my cat, after a couple of hours he was puking up chunks of his stomach .
My mom toke him to the vet that night but he went into a coma and within a few days he had died. It was the worst experience ever. Never bought a hartz product again. Company should be out of business!!!!

Odd behavior

Its been years now but we used to use this on our Pomeranian after even the first bath he was acting strange way out of character but nothing had changed not food water or anything acted almost like a zombie now years later he has thyroid issues though i cant say for sure if it was caused by the first few uses of hertz or not but im just glad hes alive and well thoughts and prayers to those who lost their furbabies

Our poor chihuahua

We took in an un-neutered, non microchipped older chihuahua and had him for about 2 months. I bathed him with a natural flea and tick shampoo twice the first month with no issues. That shampoo was gone, and he still had fleas, so I pulled out the only dog shampoo I had which was the orange citrus scent flea shampoo. After his bath he kept sneezing. The next day he had a horrible runny nose and was very lethargic, sleeping most the day. The next morning I woke to find him passed away on the floor in our kitchen. My children were devastated. Now Iā€™m wondering if it was from the shampoo. Poor little guy. šŸ™

Killed our Charlie

We had a poodle named Charlie, he was healthy as could be, ran laps around us and the other dogs. When we had fleas at a friend’s home, we gave Charlie a flea bath too, just in case. Within a few hours he had a seizure that could not be stopped. He was euthanized within 6 hours of that bath. The vet told us this wasn’t the first time she had seen this issue, yet Hartz refused to accept that. We filed a complaint with them, got a “sorry that your dog died but it wasn’t our fault” letter.

My poor babies

I had two dogs, a shitzu and the other was shitzu mixed with a pit, used this over the summer and they are both dead now. The littler pup was within a week of bath and my larger dog within the month! Wth my poor babies I wish I knew !!!!!

Both of my cats almost died from using that product

My cat had a flea problem and so we went to walmart and got their flea collar and so when I put it on them i noticed that they wouldn’t eat their food and when they did they would constantly throw up and had horrible horrible diarrhea. It also gave them a what looked like a rash around their neck and body so I called the vet freaking out and they told me to stop using that product and to wash my cats off because it’s probably in their skin so i did and purchased the brand they suggested and after a couple of weeks they were better. NO I never used any other products on them before I got that flea collar and it wasn’t their food because we always got them the same brand. I am glad it didn’t leave a scar but I will NEVER buy their products again.