My cat cheddar

I gave my cat a bath with this Hertz shampoo and about an hour later she was weak and couldn’t walk. I took her to the vet and they told me she was poisoned and she wouldnt make it very long so to keep her from suffering I had to have her put to sleep. A year and a half later I have never gotten over that loss. Why would some company hurt so many families like this.

My cat died

Are used to hearts flea and tick topical solution on my cat that I had and within 10 seconds just say one minute he started drooling so bad I had to give him three bags to get rid of it and then once it was in his system wasn’t even the next day he died on me he was my baby and I had raised him from six weeks old I even bottle-fed him and it broke my heart yes heart I called you and I complained about it and all you did was say too bad I’m sorry there’s nothing we can do yeah thank you so much for me lives in a beautiful pet that I absolutely adored!!!

Ultraguard Flea Drops

I used Hartz Ultraguard drops on my 4 month old kitten (drops recommend 12 weeks of age) and he instantly started showing signs that something was wrong. He was acting like he was in pain, shaking his head and running through the house. I went to the internet to find out why and found this site. I read all the stories about losing pets. I started sobbing and chased him down, finding him curled up in the hall. I could tell by how he looked, he was in pain. This stuff must have been burning him. I instantly washed him in Dawn until I couldn’t smell the poison anymore. I’ll keep an eye on him and if there’s any change from his normal behavior, I’ll post.

Cat lost his fur and is sick

My cat cutie had the hartz collar on that I bought from chewy and I spent two vets visits with them telling me they couldn’t do anything and to take it off. I’m afraid he isn’t even going to survive. He isn’t getting better

Killed 4 kittens

Had 4 recused kittens ( had them for about 3 weeks) and their fleas. Gave the kittens baths,( Hatrz Shampoo for Cats) withing 24 hours they were all having uncontrollable diarrhea, and all four died.

4 yr Olde English Bulldog – Clean Physical 3 months prior

My 4 year old Olde English Bulldog had just had her annual physical a month or so prior. No problems. No surgical or medical history except for sensitivity to chicken. Had been fed organic, non-GMO dog food with Angus grass fed beef or frozen, wild Atlantic salmon and fresh vegetables like carrots, canned spinach, home garden (no pesticide) green beans for over two years. No microchip. No recent changes. Went for a 15 minute jog on Sunday. This was a common physical activity. No dyspnea, cough, or injury. She got muddy at the park. It’s a park that has signs indicating high risk for ticks so I bathed her with Hartz Flea and Tick orange shampoo. Monday she was restless but ate and drank fine. No other issues. Tuesday while I was at work she had a massive seizure. Her tongue was cletched between her teeth. Rigor mortis had set in by the time I returned home, at my usual time, from work. No diarrhea. No vomiting. No GI bleeding. Vet that had seen her for 3 years was at the clinic when I brought her body in. We examined her and found no abdominal rigidity. No wounds. No injuries. Post mortem stool was normal in composition and appearance. No blood or mucus. Post mortem urine was yellow (No hematuria) with normal odor and coloration. No vaginal discharge, not pregnant, and she was not in heat.
Four years old… God, I loved her. I feel like I died for a few months. Couldn’t do anything but act like a numb zombie at work and cried in my car all the way home and then cried myself to sleep.

German Shepherd

I used the hartz flea shampoo for my German Shepherd, German Shepherds tend to have sensitive skin so I though this would be perfect. The next few days after I used this product for the first time ever he started to lose his beauty hair and didn’t want to eat or drink water, he started to act very different. It took months to get him back to normal. It’s been a year now and you can’t tell anything happened. I’m sorry for everyone who lost they’re beloved pets.