RIP Killer

A few years back, we decided to give our dog a bath in Hartz Shampoo. Within a few days he started having seizures. Unknowingly, we continued to use Hartz shampoo for a few weeks. Until a friend told us about all of the issues online. We immediately stopped using any Hartz products! Our poor dog continued to have seizures daily for about 3 years! We had to move from where we were living and temporarily gave our dog to my mother in law. She didn’t know about the Hartz situation and gave him a bath. Within a few days our poor dog died.

Burnt Cat

After using the flea and tick meds that were given to me on my cat it left a burn on his neck that took months to heal, it still isn’t completely okay.

King and queen

Washed my new pups with this product and s couple of hours later they stay getting restless so I went to get them some water they could barely get to the bowl like there legs were going out so I rubbed my babies my daughter and I. Then went to bed that night woke up the next day to take them to the potty and my babies wasn’t breathing so I called the vet and explained what happened and he told me about this product that it wasn’t good for them.. Wish he would’ve told me about it before I bought it and bathe my babies..

Hartz flea collar

A few years ago, my husband and I used the flea collar on our cat. We followed the instructions perfectly but it poisoned him. Shut down his kidneys and he passed away after 3 days in the animal hospital. The collar burned his skin so bad that when they tried to get in the needle.
I haven’t been able to get over the fact that by trying to help him get rid of his fleas we ended up causing this. I wish I had done more research. My husband and I will never get over this and Hartz will never stop selling those poison collars.


Yes after useing this my cat a seizure and was life less took her to vet right away he washed her and kept her over night to watch her she is alive but lucky to be

Ultra guard fresh citrus shampoo

My husband bought Hartz ultra guard shampoo fresh citrus fragrance and must have got some in our shih tzu eye cuz a day after we noticed something wrong with his left eye…took him to vet and they say it was a large eye ulcer (probably due to the dangerous chemicals) on a 2nd anti biotic now to try and save his eye

Angry Owner

We had 2 dogs, a brother and sister that we got for our kids as new family members about 3 years ago. Both dogs were healthy playful and great dogs all around. Around July 2019 my husband said he was going to give Blue a bath. Within less then 4 hrs. Blue was acting different not interacting and getting sick. Within 8 hrs he was not eating and throwing up and the next morning I had rushed him to the vet and in 24 hrs we had lost our boy Big Blue. All within 24 hrs of us using Hertz dog shampoo on him, we ended up losing a part of our family and we were all devastated, angry, and sad. We now still have our girl Bella but she is very lonely as they had never been separated from birth until that day. I will never use any products such as these and advise everybody to throw away and not use any of their products.

Flea collar burn

My cat had the flea collar on for about a ween I didn’t notice it right away I went to pet her and noticed her hair was gone. Took the collar off and saw the result!! So upset!!! Never using this product again!!

My poor dilly

Within a few hours of putting the sergeants flea collar for cats on my dilly boy his neck is completely hairless and bleeding with parts of his skin and flesh missing and bleeding. I contacted the company and of course they were no help at all!!!!