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  1. I bought this and used it once on my Shitzu and he went into convulsions. And he too has little tumors around his body and has like tremors.

    1. back when i had the problem I use Dawn dish soap on them and the house and they died off fast. I feel that dawn works 100 times better than rid. Dawn did not hurt my cats but watch out on using dawn on cats that i was told.

  2. My dog has tremors and we can’t explain why. She’s also developed lil lumps on her body. She is still living but she suffers from tremors almost daily.

    1. I’ve used this brand of Hartz 0atmeal Shampoo on my Parsons Russell for at least 10 years . He is 21 lbs and very healthy still, no side effects at all. The breed and immune system of any animal is subject to different allergies. Trying is the only way to see if it works for you. Kind if like, blame the gun not the finger pulling the trigger….

      1. We’ve used this on our labs for 11 years (more than that since my grandfather used it on his animals as well and never had a problem) and recently adopted a mini pin who is 10 years old and have never had a problem. I notice none of you are following instructions clearly listed on the bottle and only now are coming out to say something.

    2. My Cocker Spaniel is doing the same with the tremors. He know has all of these little lumps everywhere on this skin. He is scratching non stop since I used it over 2 months ago.

  3. I’m like freaking out right now!! I use this on my fur baby dog and he’s still alive but he throws up!! Didn’t think much on shampoo making a baby SICK OMG my heart aches right NOW!

  4. My baby has been sick for 2 weeks after using hartzs dog shampoo.He has lumps on his throat,since that night I washed him with Hartz shampoo,he has tremors while he sleeps. I been giving him antibiotics for almost 14 days now and the lumps are still the same size. I’m so worried.

  5. K just seen this been useing this for 6yrs on my dogs never a problem I bathed her yesterday.shes eating and looking and acting ok.dont see any diffrance.is there something I should do
    Shes looking and acting fine.

  6. I used this several times on my Lhasa Apson. She also had sporadic seizures. Tried to figure out the cause but didn’t get anywhere eith it at the time, never really thought of associating the seizures with the shampoo. It makes since now. One day I let her out to potty and she never came back. She was a therapy dog and this was very unlike her. She’d been feeling lethargic and sluggish for several weeks prior as well. My Shitzu is a couple yrs old and I have used this same shampoo on him as well. He has developed a nodule-like lump/tumor on his underside. He has been very lethargic and ill looking lately as well. Just lost a German Sheppard today, not sure what the cause was. He was from puppies for parole 😢 We had used this on him as well. He had been puking on and off for several weeks, little appetite, and very sullen and tired. I thought maybe it was from his possible activities through the day. I’m glad this was posted. I will not be using this anymore for sure. My fur babies were and are everything to me. They are family. Now I just have my Shitz, thank God for him. I’m hoping he snaps out of it soob and the shampoo isnt the cause. For heavens sake, I’d be devastated once again.

  7. I used this on my pupI..it burnt her skin and hair fell out..thought she was allergic to something, not knowing it could possibly be the shampoo.

  8. My German Shepherd is showing signs of tumors and he recently was foaming! 😭 He’s going to the veterinarian first thing in the morning, especially after reading this! We have been using that product! I’ve been crying since I read the article!

  9. This shampoo sucks it is a shame it is killing are Little fur babies they should get used for everything they got why dont they use the Dam shampoo on their Dam body to see how it reacts on their Dam body make sure you wash your hair with it real good It’s a shame the shampoo had to have something in it that is killing are Little fur babies It Fucken Sucks 🤨😭

  10. I had two pit pups after bathing with this died within 2 days of each other!! Something has to give with this I’ve wait 2 years for my mommy dog to have pups n then for this to happen n them die because of this smh shame on the company!

  11. Just seen this article today May 24 my grandbaby dog we use the same stuff a few time on her miniature Dotson he is 5 year old and the time she have use it the dog run a round the house and drag his self across the carpet i guess to scratch himself and he is always scratching himself and if you say bath time he hides and he use to love a bath

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