My cat

I used the flea collar on my cat first time I used anything other then the liquid u get from the vet.. my cat suffered chemical burns on her neck lose of hair in the area where the collar was lost her hearing and sight vet stated the collars are poisonous not only to fleas but also animal’s 😥

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  1. Cats are very sensitive to many products which is why you have to be so cautious with what you expose your cat to. We have one that has bad flea allergies and also has bad reactions to the flea collars but our other cat has neither issue. It really is case by case.

    1. I used the flea medication on my cats and my female cat was pulling her hair out we had to bathe her in Dawn to get it off her. She is much better now. She was like it was burning her I felt so bad.

    1. Thank God you didn’t use it and I didn’t even know about this til now I won’t even buy their products now since I know about this thank God i didn’t buy it and use it on my cat

  2. Let me tell u on my fb i have pictures of my sparkies neck aft. Using a flea collar on him it was on him for a cpl weeks when i noticed his neck was getting very raw. I tell everyone do not use hartz or sargents or dollar tree products on cats i have 4 cats at the time Sparkie was only one who broke out from the collar . he now has problems and has to get shots every month each shot cost 25.00 and his attitude has drastically changed he has a mean attitude to people .

  3. I used the liquid dropper on my cat and he lost all the hair on the lower half of his body. We called him “pantless”. His hair grew back but I never used Hartz again.

  4. My cat has life long seizures after using the Hartz flea drops , and yes I spent tons on tests to rule out everything else … I don’t see how Hartz is still in business …

  5. I use this shampoo i couldn’t figure out why my pitbull has been losing patches of hair … he has occasional allergies but never anything like this . I am very concerned I also use this other people’s dogs to wash their dogs
    This is not okay

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