4 yorkies

I used the shampoo on my yorkies. I HAD 4. A mother 3 yrs old, father 2 yrs old and 2 11 wk old puppies. I used the Hartz shampoo and within hours the first pup died, the mother an hr later. We washed the other pup and the father in our 2nd bathroom and just so happened to use head and shoulders bc the Hartz was in the first bathroom thinking they may have gotten into something (we never found anything that would harm them) the 2nd pup lasted until 4 am and the father yorkie is very sick. He seemed to feel better this morning so we gave him another bath (Hartz-we hadn’t seen this article yet) and now he is worse. All were lethargic, seizing, short of breath and drooling. 1st video of mother before death Wouldn’t load. 1st is puppy seizing. 2nd of healthy mother and pups.

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    1. I was honestly thinking the same thing…

      Still very sorry for their loss though! Never easy to lose a pet (family member) 😭

  1. Hartz and all antiflea products are PESTICIDE. the seizing is pesticide overdose and excessive drooling can be a symptom of the seizures as well as possible ingestion of toxic substances. That’s why there is weight classes on flea meds and collars. Its very hard to properly dose with shampoo. The shampoo will also leave residual pesticide around the house. That’s why you can’t use certain large dog flea meds in households with small children and cats. Says so on the boxes. With smaller animals/lifeforms the shampoo doesn’t necessarily need to be used on the them to harm them. Enough contact can make them start to feel ill. “Enough” can be a very small amount, it all depends on weight as well as the concentration of the shampoo and the makeup of the shampoo contents.
    Hope this clears up some confusion on the “head and shoulders” instead thing. The pesticide was still in the house and its likely the second pair had contact with the first or with the things they touched/laid on. Even using the same towels to dry them could have potentially caused it.

    1. Actually, yes, it did clear up some of the confusion. I didn’t know that it would residually stay anywhere in the home.

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