Ultraguard Flea Drops

I used Hartz Ultraguard drops on my 4 month old kitten (drops recommend 12 weeks of age) and he instantly started showing signs that something was wrong. He was acting like he was in pain, shaking his head and running through the house. I went to the internet to find out why and found this site. I read all the stories about losing pets. I started sobbing and chased him down, finding him curled up in the hall. I could tell by how he looked, he was in pain. This stuff must have been burning him. I instantly washed him in Dawn until I couldn’t smell the poison anymore. I’ll keep an eye on him and if there’s any change from his normal behavior, I’ll post.

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  1. I ahve my dog to bet seval time cause it hair just peeks off it skin and raw no hair hardky my dog can’t stop iching now I know why hope get something out this cause my dog was healthy that why

  2. I almost lost my now 13 yr old Boxer….I had used the Hartz Ultra Gaurd Flea Drops on him. A hour or so later he was foaming at the mouth…having seizures…( he had never had before ) I paid out $1,300 for a emergency vet to bath him thoroughly and then tell me to take my baby home and pray….that she was able to get enough of the medicine off of him. He was sick for a week. Having several seizures a day for 3 days. I had to miss work cause he means that much to me…and if he died I didnt want him to die alone. I called their customer service # and was rudely told that some animals have a bad reaction. Well now it looks like more than just some ….its sad that money is more important than your customers pets. Bc this didnt just start happening. For those who lost their furbabies…I’m sorry you had to go thru that…and I pray this company does the right thing and makes their products more with our pets health in mind….than the money they make. As for me…I will never use another product with their name on it !!!!!

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