My dog passed the next day

Omg I bathed my dog with this shampoo and literally woke up to her dead the next morning. I thought because she was a rescue maybe she was sick and previous owners didn’t know but she was so happy and full of life before her night bath. She got real mellow and distant and then next day she passed away. 😭

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  1. I used one of the collats on my chihuahua and burned her so bad she was bloody even her ears where she rubbed it when it was burning over night the next morning I noticed all the bloody areas and took it off also the shampoo caused my other dog to have seizures

    1. Hi my name is sherly and i have to dogs i been using that shampoo on my dog and i notice the my pitbull was losing hair alot and my other dog has been having seizures after every shower now i know why

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