My cat cheddar

I gave my cat a bath with this Hertz shampoo and about an hour later she was weak and couldn’t walk. I took her to the vet and they told me she was poisoned and she wouldnt make it very long so to keep her from suffering I had to have her put to sleep. A year and a half later I have never gotten over that loss. Why would some company hurt so many families like this.

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  1. My cat was fine after the bath with harz shampoo. I proabably ingested some of the shampoo when you were bathing him. It has a warning on the bottle to keep an eye on them so they dont do that.

  2. I used this on my cat Lily and she started stumbling around and was very weak, I took her to the vet and they did a sort of charcoal thing for her and she was better, then a while later, another bath, same thing. The vet told me she was getting into some sort of toxic chemical or even drugs but there’s nothing of the sort around my home. The 3rd time she finally passed, I always had a feeling it was this company but never herd of anything until I saw this

  3. I just got to thinking when I seen this article on Facebook and was reading all the stories and comments! and I seen this not using the same flea collar that I used on my animals i remembered that my cat and my dog both used this product I bought them flea collars and I didn’t really notice anything was wrong! it was working fine there’s no fleas! Until I looked at my cat one day and I seen that there was this big rash burn on his neck! and I took off the collar and Washed him with a different shampoo and he was fine also it didn’t leave scars! And he still alive 🙏 I really think anything of it after that! until I seen this post it never really affected my dog neither. thankfully!


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