Killed our cat patches

This product killed our cat Patches. Horrible seizures, wouldn’t eat/drink. The seizures got so bad they were continues. Was absolutely horrid to watch. I contacted the hartz and their response was that every animal responds differently to the product… that’s it…

8 thoughts on “Killed our cat patches”

  1. I have harz cat shampoo and hes still with me. I got him when he was a kitten and I’ve bathed him only several times since hes in and out of the house.

    1. I gave my cat the spot on flea medicine he started getting sick . I gave him a bath and took him to the vet with with antibiotics and medicine from the burn that was around his neck from the flea medicine I called the company and they said the same damn thing. I called FDA I called Better Business Bureau I called the Channel News action and told them what happened they reimburse me the money with everything but then they had me sign a paper stating that I will not bring any claims against him if anything else comes from it. 🤬🤬🤬🤬Bad killing shit do not use . if you have to get the medicine for the flea and you can’t afford it use Dawn dish detergent with the 2 ducks on the front of it it works. 🙏👼

  2. I don’t know about deaths, but their products don’t work. Four bottles of flea shampoo later, plus all their other house products to get rid of fleas and ticks, had to still yet go by another brand and treat the house because the fleas never did leave.

    Their products may have worked at one time when they first came out but I promise you now they aren’t worth crap. The best they’ll do is get the mud off your dog.

  3. Used hartz flea shampoo on my cat, within hours he was seizing, went into liver failure and died 2 days later. NEVER use these crappy products on your pet.

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