Killed My PitBull

Me and my wife had just gotten an
American pit bull and had used the shampoo and like two hours later my dog was having seizures and foaming at the mouth i called the animal hospital and took her there and own our way to the hospital she passed away in the backseat of my wife arms

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  1. Possibly what killed my pitbull. I used the Hartz shampoo and the next day or so she began foaming of the mouth, having seizures, very lethargic, then suddenly passed away.

    1. Omg that’s awful, I’m sorry for your loss, is it all HARTZ Products, I have some HARTZ Dog shampoo, what are the products, in the HARTZ Dog Shampoo

  2. I had not linked this to the death of my baby. But i did use this flea shampoo on my 16 year old Chihuahua we woke up the next day to her being lethargic and unable to walk vet said he never seen anything like it but given her age not alot to be done she was full of life not feeble and Bam within 10 hours of her bath she was slowly fading i got her at 5 weeks old shed been part of our family i was devastated im still not over loosing her. I never dreamed her flea shampoo was a major factor in her death.

  3. I bought Harts flea collars from Chewy. Company on line.
    Doesn’t seem to work and all 5 dogs are still scratching all time.
    What should I do. It’s been 5 to 7 days. Since I order them.

  4. My love my Milk passed away in November 2 2019 and I used HARTZ GROOMERS’S BEST ON HIM EXTRA GENTLE SOOTHING OATMEAL SHAMPOO. NOW I had had Milk for ever since 2010 he had never been sick all of a sudden he started having lumbs all over the place. I was using this shampoo on him . Wow like this is crazy Now that I have read all these stories I am wondering if this shampoo killed my dog.

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