Jack Russell itching raw

I have been using this product for months because oatmeal is supposed to help sensitive skin. Now my dog is tearing himself raw. I can’t seem to get him back to normal yet.

4 thoughts on “Jack Russell itching raw”

  1. My dog scratched herself raw and tore out her beautiful coat. I switched to tropiclean oxymed medicated shampoo from petco and she’s already doing better.

    1. My 10 month old Pit/lab mix has the same issue. Gave her a bath with the oatmeal hartz and that night she was raw losing her hair. We gave her another bath with dawn dish soap and that seemed to help some. She is still healing from all this and it’s been almost 3 weeks. This needs to be taken off the shelves. ASAP

  2. My Gus also. Washed him and he hasn’t stop itching. This product(s) should be removed till the law suit is down with.

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