Cat lost his fur and is sick

My cat cutie had the hartz collar on that I bought from chewy and I spent two vets visits with them telling me they couldn’t do anything and to take it off. I’m afraid he isn’t even going to survive. He isn’t getting better

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  1. I’m really worried now I just seen tbis am I have used it. My pit twice an now she won’t eat she been breathing heavy an weasing she keeps choking but nothing in her throat she won’t drink water I’m practically babying her because I don’t won’t both I g go happen to her but this now I got to do something ..tbis so sad for anyone with animals why would people make a product k owing they killing animals with. Sad an sick…my neighbor just lost her pitan she used this product that I recommend an I feel horrible so I got to go near this news to her an see if Slugger was bathed before he died I send my love out to you all who has lost your pet due go this product..

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