3 days with Hartz flea collar

Noticed the sores and bare skin after 3 days in collar, removed it. This is now 2 more days after collar was taken off!!! Getting him into a vet now.

5 thoughts on “3 days with Hartz flea collar”

  1. My dog was very ill throwing up and diarrhea was in bad shape but pulled threw took 4 days of meds and care did know what it was till the vet told me

  2. My cat simba died just 3 days after he had the collar on.. Had a seizure and stopped eating.. Wish i could sue them… They took my baby from me.

  3. In October we spent $5,000 to try and keep our Boxer alive. Vet said it was from using Harts and Sargents flea shampoo. I alternated between them. This angers me that they still have on market. I called the number on Sargents because the number on Hartz was washed off. Take this animal killing stuff off the market.

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