3 days with Hartz flea collar

Noticed the sores and bare skin after 3 days in collar, removed it. This is now 2 more days after collar was taken off!!! Getting him into a vet now.

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  1. My dog was very ill throwing up and diarrhea was in bad shape but pulled threw took 4 days of meds and care did know what it was till the vet told me

  2. My cat simba died just 3 days after he had the collar on.. Had a seizure and stopped eating.. Wish i could sue them… They took my baby from me.

    1. Are use the flea drops or my cat Her neck is red and the hair is gone you can see the flash please I’ll like any information on what can I do to help her

  3. In October we spent $5,000 to try and keep our Boxer alive. Vet said it was from using Harts and Sargents flea shampoo. I alternated between them. This angers me that they still have on market. I called the number on Sargents because the number on Hartz was washed off. Take this animal killing stuff off the market.

  4. Killed my pit bull and my other pit had burns on his back. These two are brothers and my dog has been trying to grow his fur back for months

  5. Omg that’s why my cat’s neck did that! I bought one of those collars for her neck too I wish I would have took pictures but the brand collar did that to our kitty precious

  6. poisoned several cats..one hanging by a very thin thread right now..chemical burn on one dog,the other dog got attacked by fleas(product is supposed to kill and repell )

  7. Omg! My dog was so very healthy. But i been using thus shampoo on him since i been here and hhe us been sick. And getting worse. I also gad used their flea drops. . Im contacting company and filing against them this has to stop . My poor babe is my life and i love him .

  8. Same thing happened to my cat he had burns on his neck and was so confused as to why this was happening at first thought it was fleas then began throwing up and hair started falling out I thought he was dying.. He sores are healing but I’m so angry that I put him through this just trying to help him with fleas so I thought…😩😩😩😩😕

  9. Omg I didn’t even know!!! But I had a chihuahua that i bathed with this shampoo and the next day he was dead we couldn’t figure out why i know he didn’t get into anything but we had this shampoo and now i see what happened!!!! Omg this is horrible i cried for weeks thinking indid something wrong smh!!!!

  10. My baby pug had something similar to the picture when we took the flea collar he had a bald spot, red, with blood and he was in pain my poor baby

  11. I’ve recently used a product on my cat and my Looks similar to yours please give me any information that you had to help my hair I currently don’t have any money in our vet is closed due to Covid

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