German Shepherd

I used the hartz flea shampoo for my German Shepherd, German Shepherds tend to have sensitive skin so I though this would be perfect. The next few days after I used this product for the first time ever he started to lose his beauty hair and didn’t want to eat or drink water, he started to act very different. It took months to get him back to normal. It’s been a year now and you can’t tell anything happened. I’m sorry for everyone who lost they’re beloved pets.

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  1. My German Shepherd had the same symptoms as yours. Sadly we dismissed the fact of the hair shedding because of her type it expected for her to shed. I always questioned but was told that the pure white German shepherds shed like that. Unfortunately she passed away last May, she was also refrained from eating or drinking after being bathed. She was such a character we just put off as her being to clean to eat. There was a few times she get sick and puke a thick yellowish mucus out. The vet would always give her clean bill of health except the rest infection she had. I wish we had known about Hartz then maybe the vet would have told us and our Sammi would be here today. I am so saddened to read all of these familiar symptoms. So glad your German made it.

  2. It killed my Jenny. The shampoo, for fleas. She was a beautiful 4 yrs old black lab. Now since then my other black lab has been having seizures ever since I washed her in it.

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