Was it the Shampoo ?

I bathed my dog Max with the ” Fast acting Hartz ultra guard” !!! He ended up getting very sick!! Liver damage is what I was told!! But it all happened so very quick. He spent 2 nights at the vets and seemed better when I picked him up. But he passed away that Monday. Now after seeing this I can’t help but wonder if this had something to do with it. This was 2 mos ago. I wish their was a way for me to find out because I would go after them in a heart beat!! He was my best friend for 10 years and I miss him so bad!!!

8 thoughts on “Was it the Shampoo ?”

  1. My dog brody wasnt even 3 yet passed summer of 2018. He was fine. Healthy just at the vet a month before. Died of liver issues. All of a sudden was vomiting and puking up blood one day rushed him to emergency vet they said nothing they could do asked us a million possibilities (rat poison, antifreeze) still no answers. All we used for shampoo on him was hartz brand.

    1. The same thing happened to 2 of our Goldendoodles they was running around fine and we gave them a bath put them to bed and woke up in the middle of the night
      Throwing up and blood they died before I could even make it to the vet
      They checked for everything and said theu must have eat something that didn’t agree with them 😱😡😳 it has to be this soap

  2. It has to be this shampoo bc I washed my put with this and he stopped eating drooling from the mouth sick and wouldn’t move wouldn’t eat I thought he had parvo come to find out we stop using this and got him better and he’s fine now smh

  3. Is there a lawsuit yet ? Because I just got the heart to ask for max’s records from the vet and i truly am so heart broken over this still. I want them to suffer like their product made my baby suffer!!!

    1. We just went through this same thing with our dig Mojo they said liver failure but didn’t know what caused it within a few days he died but he was happy and healthy before that

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