My puppy recently passed away because of this shampoo

I showered my puppy with this shampoo
The next day my dog was sick. It was weird to me, my puppy didn’t want to eat, he didn’t have balance, he was throwing up blood and poopin blood as well, I took him to the animal hospital and they couldn’t tell me exactly what was wrong to him so they checked everything since he was throwing up and couldn’t even stand up they thought his sugars was low so they gave him something and I took him
Home. when I got home he wasn’t moving and he didn’t want to eat at all he’s mouth couldn’t even open , he was crying all night and I took him to the animal
Hospital once again & the doctors said that even if they did everything they could he was still going to die so we had to put him down it was so devastating especially because i am with child and I’m high risk so this put a strain on me , my boyfriend and mother in-law even took off work because we were so excited for our new puppy and it was so sad to see him fight for his life he really didn’t want to die he really tried so hard I’m so upset I can’t believe if only I would’ve used a different shampoo

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  1. I had same experience with different outcome because of different vet! My Ruger pup (German Shepherd) was 15 weeks old and my husband took him to park and found a tick on him. He bought the Hartz flea tick shampoo (orange) and have him a bath. I rushed home from work hr later and he was seizing and pooping on himself couldn’t hold head up and eyes were just blank empty staring at nothing. I rushed him to the vet told him what happened and they immediately started blood transfusions. The vet said he was poisoned from the shampoo and chances he’d survive were slim because it had already made it through his system and only chance he had was blood transfusions! I have read SEVERAL if these stores where everyone lost their pet and I just DON’T understand WHY their vets DIDN’T do blood transfusion! It’s obvious if their poisoned it’s in blood so common sense WOULD and should tell any vet to do blood transfusion! I’m so sorry about your for baby and just know it wasn’t your fault!!!

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