Y’all are a sheeple

Hartz is a pet loving company. Good luck with your lawsuit sheep’s. Your animals had problems before the soap, get over it. It was their time to go, but at least they got bathed well one last time. There ain’t no such thing thing going around poisoning animals… Crazy yous would so easily read and believe that.

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  1. Hartz is definitely not per loving. “Yous” are a fool and are welcome to use that garbage on yourself but I wouldn’t with it on any animal.

  2. What is wrong with you? What in your right mind think all these random people came together and would make this up? You need some serious evaluation and you should never be allowed to own or care for a pet, ever.

  3. how can you act so high and mighty when these people lost a family member. My dog and 2 of my neighbors dogs had reactions to the soap. Lucky for me I didn’t lose my dog. When the Vet said it was due to the soap I knew right then and there that it was because of the soap. It not because of what I read but through testing with a veterinarian! Just because the company says it a “animal loving company” does make them animal loving. Like you said you believed hertz loves pets. It may have been an error while making the soap, human error while packaging, or so many other accidents, either way the soap is responsible.
    I’ve talked to three people at Hertz, two of them told us to just go buy a new dog. I would never just go buy a child and my dog is my child, and siblings to my kids. He’s irreplaceable!
    You need to have common sense and some empathy for others inside of commenting on something you know nothing about!

  4. There have been multiple claims don’t trash ppl bc your a terrible person hartz fucked my cats ears up with more treatment made his ears worse good luck being such a douche bag in real life ass whole it gets you no where douche pipper

  5. I’m an RVT and I can tell you I’ve personally seen several pets in my clinics with various signs of toxicosis from Hartz products. They are dangerous and should not be on the market. Their flea shampoo for both dogs and cats contains pyrethrins which are highly toxic even in low concentrations.

    The only sheep I see here is the one defending a corporation with the sole goal of profit.

  6. Whoever made the “Y’all are sheeple post” you are obviously retarded and have no love for animals, no one who sees what this product has done is doing anything to defend it because it’s killing what they consider their child and so do I. So why do you defend them? How can a beautiful healthy puppy go from playing all day to laying dead in my arms within hours?!? What kind of shit is in that bottle? Everyone who works for that company needs to be locked up and whoever invented Hartz needs to be hanged!

  7. You should really learn how to speak before trying to talk down to people. You made yourself look like a dumbass in more ways than one! This DOES happen! Hopefully you don’t have animals. I truly feel sorry for them if you do.

  8. Shookie,

    You are quite misinformed, I worked at a vet clinic for 8 years, I can’t tell you how many cats and dogs I saw with seizures and neurologic problems after using a Hartz product. Watching puppies and kittens come in seizing after using a Hartz product. The chemicals Hartzs’s uses are very toxic, the product should be banned and removed. Hartz only cares about profits, not animals. NEVER use any product from Hartz!!!!

  9. Why not hold the stores responsible for selling it in their stores also. I mean really…as long as they are still selling them in the stores its going to continue killing or injuring your animal right. For the ones who uses flee collars on their cats. One thing i do know is that if you are going to put a flee collar on a cat you need to consult a Vet. Flee collars can irritate the cat’s neck, even causing fur loss and skin damage. a collars can irritate the cat’s neck, even causing fur loss and skin damage

  10. I want to point out that as proof of hartz not giving a single crap they only refund but don’t compensate for anything past product and vet costs also nails and other things were found in products. Hartz had various recalls and the toys are so cheap many problems are caused by the animals eating plastic in a matter of minutes after getting they toy.

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