My Poor Jaeger Blitz

I used the Oatmeal Hartz shampoo in the hopes to help my 1 and a half year old Anatolian Shepard find some relief from itching and fleas, and of course the bottle lured us in with the promise of oatmeal to soothe irritated and itchy skin as well as treat fleas… 2 for 1 bonus right? I was wrong, so very wrong. It was the first time I ever used the brand on my canine and at first it helped, but his due was still wet, as soon as he dried out I noticed his itching problem hadn’t gone away at all, it has actually gotten worse!! It has gotten to the point where he is physically gnawing on his backside and back legs as well as itching almost nonstop now for some sort of relief. He had great teeth and breath up until I used this on him and now he has stage 1 dental issues and has to go to the Vet for a check up and to get dental work done before it destroys his teeth. Do not use this stuff!!!

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  1. Literally the same exact thing is happening with my 2 year old pit mix. I just stopped the other day and used dawn instead and it helped a lot.

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