Hartz Flea Collars

A few months ago we had a flea issue in our house, after flea bombing we gave our orange tabby cat, Dappers a Hartz flea collar that we bought at a Petsmart. After a few weeks went by I was petting him and rubbing his neck and noticed scaring around his neck. After further investigation the flea collar had left a burn mark the entire way around his neck. We got a refund but now my cat will always have a scar the whole way around his neck.

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  1. My cat was also burned by a purple Hartz flea collar just a couple months ago. She had to see a vet and was placed on antibiotics for infection in her wound. The chemical from the collar got into her bloodstream through the open wound and made her eyes go weird for about a week after the vet visit also. It was a horrible experience.

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