My dog is dying

My dog, Ocean digested flea and tick Hartz gaird dual action plus for large breeds & is in the ER, fighting for his life…He’s been severely declining on all accounts…They x-rayed for any obstruction that be causing a dog to servilely decline like this… They did NOT find anything because there was nothing to find….my dog was poised by this product & I want Hartz off the market. We are still praying at the moment that Ocean will survive.
I have attached video to see how unresponsive & sick my dog is from this product. HORRIBLE that this flea & tick preventative can do this…,,Unfortunately it wouldn’t let me download the video which is very moving to see how badly poised my dog is. I need to find where I can post the video, so people can see not to use this product. I want to join the class action lawsuit, if there is one. Please help

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