Angry Owner

We had 2 dogs, a brother and sister that we got for our kids as new family members about 3 years ago. Both dogs were healthy playful and great dogs all around. Around July 2019 my husband said he was going to give Blue a bath. Within less then 4 hrs. Blue was acting different not interacting and getting sick. Within 8 hrs he was not eating and throwing up and the next morning I had rushed him to the vet and in 24 hrs we had lost our boy Big Blue. All within 24 hrs of us using Hertz dog shampoo on him, we ended up losing a part of our family and we were all devastated, angry, and sad. We now still have our girl Bella but she is very lonely as they had never been separated from birth until that day. I will never use any products such as these and advise everybody to throw away and not use any of their products.

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