Cat died

My cat Lily passed away today. She has been perfectly healthy. Tonight I went down to my basement to clean the cat boxes. I found her dead in the middle of the room. Right now I am mad at myself and I am livid with the Hartz company. I purchased flea collars for my cats. These were chosen based on the positive reviews. How can Hartz justify selling this product? I had no idea of the animals that had died from their products. After I found her and figured what happened, I got the others collars off. Lily was very petite, much smaller than the other cats. It probably won’t matter to complain to the Hartz company. They will have every excuse possible. Lily doesn’t matter to them, but she does to me. Thankfully the others seem ok.

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  1. Two of my cats, Spankie and Chico died on Oct 2, 2019 Tuesday. Yes, I treated them with HARTZ Ultra Guard, the drpos8betwen the shoulder blades.

    My deepest condolences to you in the loss of your beloved Lily. Take good care of you during this sad time…❤❤

  2. Omg I have never heard anything about this I used that exact same shampoo on my Lil MissLilly i had her for 11yrs .
    Out of the blue she started having seizures.
    I had just bathed her and loaded her up to go on a road trip about 1/2 way thur trip. That day she started having a seizure. I was driving and freaked out i had no clue of even what it was like for a furbaby to have seizures its been 2 1/2 yrs now since i lost her…omg omg
    Im sick to my stomach just now being informed about this .my poor lil girl
    She was my world her loss was devastating to me ….omg omg omg

  3. puppy dying
    we have a pure lab took her and her sister to the vet and they said they were so healthy now bloody diarrhea vet says nothing is wrong

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