4 yorkies

I used the shampoo on my yorkies. I HAD 4. A mother 3 yrs old, father 2 yrs old and 2 11 wk old puppies. I used the Hartz shampoo and within hours the first pup died, the mother an hr later. We washed the other pup and the father in our 2nd bathroom and just so happened to use head and shoulders bc the Hartz was in the first bathroom thinking they may have gotten into something (we never found anything that would harm them) the 2nd pup lasted until 4 am and the father yorkie is very sick. He seemed to feel better this morning so we gave him another bath (Hartz-we hadn’t seen this article yet) and now he is worse. All were lethargic, seizing, short of breath and drooling. 1st video of mother before death Wouldn’t load. 1st is puppy seizing. 2nd of healthy mother and pups.

My cat

I used the flea collar on my cat first time I used anything other then the liquid u get from the vet.. my cat suffered chemical burns on her neck lose of hair in the area where the collar was lost her hearing and sight vet stated the collars are poisonous not only to fleas but also animal’s 😥


When I was a child my best friend was a dog named misty, until we used hartz flea and tick and she died. After that, Lacy died at 4 years old with the same symptoms. Then Kacy and Baron. Several years later we found that people were having similar experiences with hartz products, but couldn’t convince my father who continued buying hartz rather than going to the vet for Superior products.

All in all, I think we lost 7 friends immediately after applying hartz. Now, blue is my best friend. I couldn’t imagine a better dog pal.

I will only use medication prescribed by our vet. Blue has been with me for 10 years now, with many more years to come.

Chemical Burns on my Cat

I put Hartz Flea and Tick Prevention on my cat as directed. He began acting lethargic, and I noticed his mouth was very swollen. I had to take him to an emergency vet because it was a weekend. It turned out he’d managed to get his mouth in the Hartz solution while grooming himself and suffered chemical burns all over his lips. He needed antibiotics and pain meds, I’m short a few hundred dollars for the vet bill, but I’m so relieved and happy that he is still alive after reading others’ stories.