Very sick multiple symptom cat

My cat was about 2 when this happened and of course had fleas. So I traveled to Walmart to get a flea. Im not made of money so I thought I’d try the hartz. As soon as I put the drops on her she went into a seizure after coming out of that we headed to the vet which couldn’t do anything. They kept her over night. When she got home she for several days had bloody stools, wouldn’t eat, and vomited stomach bile. It lasted about 4 days. Needless to say… DO NOT USE ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS

Hartz flea drops killed my dog

My Tripper was 13 years old and had no health problems. We noticed it was that time of year and I have always hated flea collars so I tried the flea drops for dogs. He lasted 3 days… started having seizures… vet told us to watch him went to bed… woke up and he didn’t want to get up which wasn’t like him…up to that point he was an active, energetic dog… took him to the vet went through the usual vetting questions… sent us home told us to watch him… he continued to decline next day he was gone…

My dog is dying

My dog, Ocean digested flea and tick Hartz gaird dual action plus for large breeds & is in the ER, fighting for his life…He’s been severely declining on all accounts…They x-rayed for any obstruction that be causing a dog to servilely decline like this… They did NOT find anything because there was nothing to find….my dog was poised by this product & I want Hartz off the market. We are still praying at the moment that Ocean will survive.
I have attached video to see how unresponsive & sick my dog is from this product. HORRIBLE that this flea & tick preventative can do this…,,Unfortunately it wouldn’t let me download the video which is very moving to see how badly poised my dog is. I need to find where I can post the video, so people can see not to use this product. I want to join the class action lawsuit, if there is one. Please help

RIP Killer

A few years back, we decided to give our dog a bath in Hartz Shampoo. Within a few days he started having seizures. Unknowingly, we continued to use Hartz shampoo for a few weeks. Until a friend told us about all of the issues online. We immediately stopped using any Hartz products! Our poor dog continued to have seizures daily for about 3 years! We had to move from where we were living and temporarily gave our dog to my mother in law. She didn’t know about the Hartz situation and gave him a bath. Within a few days our poor dog died.

King and queen

Washed my new pups with this product and s couple of hours later they stay getting restless so I went to get them some water they could barely get to the bowl like there legs were going out so I rubbed my babies my daughter and I. Then went to bed that night woke up the next day to take them to the potty and my babies wasn’t breathing so I called the vet and explained what happened and he told me about this product that it wasn’t good for them.. Wish he would’ve told me about it before I bought it and bathe my babies..

Hartz flea collar

A few years ago, my husband and I used the flea collar on our cat. We followed the instructions perfectly but it poisoned him. Shut down his kidneys and he passed away after 3 days in the animal hospital. The collar burned his skin so bad that when they tried to get in the needle.
I haven’t been able to get over the fact that by trying to help him get rid of his fleas we ended up causing this. I wish I had done more research. My husband and I will never get over this and Hartz will never stop selling those poison collars.