My experience does not end well. We had a severe flea infestation and we had to do something.

My cat was over 2 years old and weighed around 8-10lbs. I always research everything before I buy it but I didn’t this time.

I used a single drop of spot on flea/tick drop for small cats around 9pm before bed. My cat immediately started getting twitching and drooling so I offered him water. Soon he started acting really drunk so I checked the site and he had a bad chemical burn. The hair was gone and his skin looked like someone took a torch to it. I immediately try to clean it up but it was too late.

He began having massive seizures. I’ve never seen something so violent and horrible. I used my body as a shield to keep him from slamming himself against furniture or the cement floor.

I ended up covered in Mark’s and my blood from him thrashing so violently during each seizure.

I watched him grow weaker after each seizure. His last seizure happened around midnight and was the most horrific of them all. It lasted over 5 minutes and he looked like he was fighting another cat on my lap with the usual cat fights sounds.

After this seizure I quickly realized he wasn’t breathing. I checked his responses and got nothing. I then listened and felt for his heartbeat. Nothing. He was gone. I was covered in my own blood.

Then I researched the brand and found this site. They need to remove this brand. Period. I don’t care what their excuses are for keeping it on market but it needs to go.

I also found out they don’t just use pesticides in their flea/tick meds. They put it in wet/dry food for cats and dogs, toys and treats for both animals and in other things like dishes or litter.

I went in to walmart a couple days later after finding this site. I went to the pet aisle and started destroying every single hartz/sargents brand I possibly could.

The manager asked what was going on and I explained what happened. He was sympathetic and didn’t press charges as long as I picked up the mess.

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