Hartz Ultraguard Flea liquid medicine

So, I went to Walmart bc I thought my cat had fleas. Got the cheapest one bc I know nothing about flea medication. And I’m in college and need to save money couldn’t spend $40 on flea medication. This was the first problem. Shame on me. I came home and immediately put it on my sweet 1 year old cat Millie. She immediately began drooling everywhere. I thought, maybe she got it in her mouth? Or she smelled it? Bc to a certain extent that is normal. But as the hour when on she acted weird. She is usually VERY social. She will rub up against anyone who’s standing. And come to complete strangers and although she doesn’t purr loud. She’s always purring. An hour in. She’s in a corner with droopy eyes and not socializing or looking out window. Very abnormal. Later on when we’re both in bed. I noticed she’s fidgety? And that her back is so greasy. So I wipe it off with a baby wipe. Didn’t do the trick. So I just looked it up. Like should it still be greasy. And then I came upon hartz victims. I IMMEDIATELY scrubbed the area with dawn dish soap and gave her some treats (she ate and drank fine). Never again will I do this. She felt better afterwards I could tell. She’s not a very vocal cat so her being in a corner when everyone’s in the kitchen was very odd. She’s fine now, thank god.

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