Horrible fight

My four-year-old Jasper guide of kidney failure on my couch with me and my daughter. Jasper was certified service dog for my daughter who has PTSD because her father abused her. She was doing great until this happened and put her therapy back by at least a couple of years. I am told hearts gets away with this because on their products it has a disclaimer that says to always check with your veterinarian first before using. But honestly think about it, that’s like calling your doctor and saying I’m going to use Head and shoulders on my dandruff is that okay? It’s asinine how they get away with this! Our Jasper what’s the heart and soul of our family and it one time when my daughter took a seizure when I wasn’t home he saved her life. She crawled off the couch to try and get help from her aunt and grandmother downstairs and couldn’t do it but Jasper did! Jasper new what was wrong and got through the door and ran downstairs and did everything except for summer salts to get their attention to come up to our apartment to find her on the floor unable to move and then he refused to leave her side. But when it was his sickness because of Hartz… We were too late there was nothing we could do in less than three days time he was dead. And the corporation doesn’t care the least bit! I even made a flyer and a petition and brought it to our local Walmart and told them what this product does and how I’m going to make it my purpose that everyone knows at Walmart kills pets by selling their products.

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