Hartz Flea Collar Reaction

I cannot believe my cat Rykuu is having to go through this! We have been battling fleas for some time. I was trying to treat with mostly natural treatments coming to a point of desperation I purchased the Hartz flea collar. My heart is in my stomach. I made sure it was loose enough putting my finger underneath it to assure it was comfortable. She has really long hair as she is a Maine Coon. Two days ago I was sitting with her and noticed her neck was raw! Between work, volunteering, kids going back to school, family life, and my 2 year old i’ve been just a little busy??? I am treating it with triple antibiotic multiple times as I will continue to do. Everytime I see her neck and what this collar did my heart sinks into my stomach! I’m posting my story today… needing to vent.. 🙁

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