Kidney failure

I am truly disgusted with this product. On May 2 2019 I applied this product on my cats back in between his shoulder blades as normal. Immediately after he ran away twitching and jumping. I felt so bad. How could I do this to my baby?? The next morning his hair looked gel’d like he was in the 00’s with frosted tips. He licked all of it off. He started losing weight rapidly but he was still eating. In July I thought he had worms so I got a stool sample and it was negative. Something was wrong. He was acting different. By the time August came I said to myself there has to be something wrong. He wouldn’t stop drinking water. The other weird thing was he stopped purring and stoped meowing, it’s like it hurt him. He was a talkative little guy so that was definitely not like him. I decided to take him August 7. He was diagnosed with renal kidney failure the day before his 3rd birthday and 2 weeks later he was gone. It was absolutely horrible and truly heartbreaking. He was my baby.

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