Cat sick from Hartz!!

I should’ve done more research first.. But nevertheless I purchased Hartz flea medicine, the kind you put on their neck, and I did put it high up the back of my cat’s neck where she couldn’t easily get to it to lick it. My cat immediately started acting differently, crying like she was in pain, and she did manage to get a little bit in her mouth which caused immediate drooling and vomiting. I washed it off of her but too late, I should’ve never put it on her, because now she’s got problems. She vomited and drooled for days and thankfully that finally stopped. She’s got a completely different disposition about her, she cries out at random sometimes like she’s in pain, sometimes her cries are very bizarre sounding, and she’s got hair loss as well. This is terrible, they ruined my sweet little cat.

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  1. This is just horrible. I cannot even believe that this is happening. I applied this on my (almost) 3 year old cat, right behind his neck in between the shoulder blades as directed. Within minutes he was jumping around, it looked like he was in pain and he was afraid to go outside. The next morning I looked and his neck looked like early 00’s gel spiked hair. He had licked all of it off and within the next few weeks I noticed he was drinking a lot of water and slowly ate less of his wet food. I thought he had worms because he would eat but he was losing a lot of weight. On his third birthday August 8 I took him to the vet because he just was not acting right. He was my baby I knew him like the back of my hand. She said he probably had a UTI and they would do a test. He was diagnosed with acute renal kidney failure and he only had about 2 weeks max. We put him down August 21 and I 100% blame this on this product. I am so sorry for you kitty.

  2. You people are sick!!!!!! My not even a year old cat is now sick and seizing because of your flea and tick prevention. I’m suing the shit out of you ass holes. People don’t use these products!!!

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