My mom’s cat died 2 days after Hart’s Ultraguard Applied

My mom applied Hart’s Ultraguard to her 6-year-old cat on Saturday. This morning he suddenly was on the floor with blood coming out of his mouth and he died in a few seconds. Cannot help but wonder if it wasn’t the flea and tick medicine since he was perfectly fine before this.

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  1. 8-31-19, applied hartz ultraguard to back of 2 year old male cat’s neck like instructions said. Within a handful of minutes my cat started growling, panting with tongue out, and violently scratching his neck. After a few minutes of watching him suffer, I put him in the shower to try to wash this shit off his neck. It calmed him down a bit but the smell of the chemical is still on his neck even after bathing him. After 30 minutes he is still growling and licking his neck but it’s not constant. Now his back legs are shaking like he has some neurological problem. I am waiting to see if he is going to die like others have said 🙁

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