Hartz Ultraguard Flea Medication

I bought Hartz Ultraguard Flea and Tick drops from Wal-mart. Both cats have not been treated for fleas in over 2 years and I noticed a couple small scabs on them which indicates fleas. The 7 year old female is fine, skin clear, no problems. My 16 year old female has resorted to scratching wildly at the door to get out, has been non-stop meowing no matter what we do. I have seen her drink and she is using the litter box as normal, but she will not eat her can food (which she loves). It has been 2 1/2 weeks since the application, so I know it is in her system now. I was told since she is not having seizure activity and she is still eating/drinking to basically let it run out of her body (about a week it should be out). I will NEVER but Hartz again.

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  1. This happened to two of my cats with that same product. On Tuesday Oct 2, 2019 both Spankie and Chico DIED!!! I’m distraught, grieving and furious! I bought this product at Walgreens, filed a complaint with BBB Consumer Affairs. I will be going to that Walgreens tomorrow to beg them to remove that product from the store. My condolences to you.

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