Hartz killed my Jack Russel

Upon applying the flea medicine from hartz I applied it exactly as directions said. About 30 mins later she started having seizures and shaking and I called my vet they immediately told me to wash her in Dawn dish washing liquid and she would either make it or die. They told me they have seen this happen numerous times with this product. And to never use it again. After hrs of washing her and holding her she died that night. I will never forget what this did to her it took her life and broke my heart. This company should be shut down and never be allowed to make any products. They are responsible for the deaths of many pets. They have killed many pets and they know their products aren’t safe. I called them and told them and all they said is they would pay for what she was worth. I was so pissed I hung up because she was priceless to me. This company is a disgrace.

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