Hartz Ultraguard

A couple days, I had gone to Walmart to pick up flea medicine for my cats. I grabbed Hartz Ultraguard Fleas and Ticks drops, and didn’t think much of it. The next day, I applied the drops on my two cats, 4 and 7 years old, both definitely over 5 lbs like the packaging says, in between their shoulder blades where they can’t lick at it. They winced at first and ran off, I figured it was just the smell and the feeling of the ointment setting in. About 30 minutes later, I noticed my younger male panting and running around in a panic, shaking. I called the closest vet clinic and explained everything to her. She asked what brand, I told her, and she replied, “I thought you were gonna say that. You need to get him to Med Vet (emergency vet) immediately, that brand is extremely toxic for cats.” I called three different people looking for a ride while I shoved my panicking cat into a carrier (he has extreme anxiety issues already for unknown reasons) and I chased my other cat and kept them both in my room. My aunt picked up the phone and I explained to her what was going on and she called the vet as she was on her way. She texted me directions of what to do – wash the site with cool water. So I got both of my cats in the bathroom, and I practically threw my cats in the sink (one at a time). My dad had to hold my older cat while I scrubbed vigorously at the back of her neck with Dawn dish soap – she HATES water, and won’t let anyone even hold her near the sink, so it was a difficult time. My dad took her in a towel and then I got my younger boy in and scrubbed him up. By the time my aunt got to my house, she was still on the phone with the vet. We decided to keep an eye on them before bringing them to the clinic, and as of now, they’re doing fine. I have never had this happen before with different brands, and this was a scary situation I didn’t think I’d have to go through while trying to protect my cats from fleas and ticks. If someone happens to use this brand, wash the drop site IMMEDIATELY with pet soap or Dawn dish soap. I noticed it also had a bit of a film, so I made sure to scrub my cats skin with my nails to get it all out – my sink was covered with fur afterwards. By the time the whole situation began to settle down, I noticed my room reeked of chemical from struggling with my cats early. This brand is terrible, and now I’m going to be sure to read reviews on ANY pet product before buying/using it!

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