Flea Collar Horror Story

I am the proudest of cat mothers to my two kittens. They’re 8 and 10 months old respectively, perfect little tuxedo kitties. About a week ago we got the younger one a flea collar because he had started to give some of the rugs fleas.
I’m not the adult of the house, so i asked my mom to buy him a flea collar. She came back with the Hartz reflective flea and tick collar. I looked at the packaging and saw the label ‘This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer’. My poor kitten was absolutely eaten up so i figured it would do for the next few days/next week until i could go get them one myself.
Not even a week later my cat is throwing up and losing control of his bladder. First he urinated on the bed (which he hasn’t done since he was a TINY kitten), and i just got woken up to the sweet sound of my cat throwing up in about 3 different rooms.
I googled it and sure enough, the collar he had on (which id removed a few hours before he threw up) was from a brand known to kill cats.
I chose to share this story because if i didn’t know about the side effects of some collars, i would’ve kept it on him. We aren’t well off enough to be able to visit a vet regularly, and he probably would’ve have died.
Please do not use Hartz collars on your animals. I’d hate for anyone to go through an unnecessary death.

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