sergents gold flea liquid

I recently applied Sergents Gold flea squeeze-on liquid to the back of my cats neck. The box says “for cats and kittens.” My cat is 2 years old and 6 pounds. As soon the liquid touched his hair/skin he bolted from me, ran around the house and ran out the door. He would not let me near him (for 4 days)! I didn’t know what was happening. I thought maybe it was a smell that I couldn’t perceive. Then I remembered this same exact situation happened a few years prior with another cat ( I thought is was a smell back then). When the cat finally came back and let me near him I noticed a bald patch devoid of hairbehind his neck exactly where I applied the flea liquid. Now I realized this is a “dangerous” product and shouldn’t be sold to the public. HAZARDOUS POISONOUS PESTICIDES. DO not purchase. I will be writing to the FDA next. Both cats I mentioned here were and are ok. Please use natural products only.

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