FOX 5 I-Team Inquiry into HARTZ

Hi, my name is Gabriela Miranda, researcher for FOX 5 news, please email at [email protected]

we are interested in gathering more information on the victims on Hartz products and your help would be of a great help.

You can also contact me at 404-724-4484. If I don’t answer, please email me as soon as you can.

5 Replies to “FOX 5 I-Team Inquiry into HARTZ”

  1. Please do a story on this. This stuff is horrible and killing numerous pets. I live in the Dallas area and would definitely share the story. It hasn’t happened to me, because I don’t use these things on my pets. I already knew better.

  2. We have two of our three dogs suffering from severe diarrhea from eating Hartz Oinker treats. I am so upset with myself that I did not read the package…from China.

    Both dogs have been listless and I will have to take them to the vet. If this is confirmed as poison, we will take legal action against Walmart for importing this crap and Hartz for not giving a darn about dogs.

  3. We just had two dogs pass away in 48 hours. I had applied the Hartz flea and tick drops to both dogs approximately a week before. I strongly feel that this is the cause for their deaths! If you contact me, I can give you more specific details. What can we do to stop this??

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